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Dave Dexter is a composer specialising in large-scale pieces for orchestra, as well as traditional classical writing for choir and quartet.

Enter to listen, see pieces being recorded, peruse scores and more. Not that much more, let's be honest, if you're not into music this isn't a good use of your time

"Occasionally you get sent a gem that really captures your heart - really accomplished, complex writing for strings."                                                                  - Jessica Curry (Classic FM, Dear Esther)

"Innocent and melodic and a joy to listen to." 
   - Grant Kirkhope (Mario + Rabbids, Yooka-Laylee)

"Rich and melodic, full of energy and reminded me a lot of Horner in his prime."
                                   - Steve Hughes (dir. Creeped Out, Doctor Who)

"Beautiful piece."
- Sean Rafferty (BBC R3 In Tune)

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