Dave Dexter is a composer, orchestrator and multi-instrumentalist* based in North Yorkshire. Whilst he's produced soundtracks and music for dozens of games over the course of five years and double that number of genres, and being best-known for his frontier folk work with TerraTech, he now specialises in classical, choral and orchestral writing. His string quartet piece "St Clement's Isle" was played on Classic FM on Jessica Curry's "High Score" show, and his choral piece "Leaving the House" on BBC Radio 3's "In Tune" as well as BBC Radio York.

  More recently ORA Singers and Suzi Digby recorded his setting of 15th century carol "I Sing Of A Maiden" (more info here), and Singapore-based Ensemble de la Belle Musique performed and recorded "Through Pines & Snow".

Whether it's the most intimate choral polyphony, the flirt of classical strings, or
an orchestral barrage of adventure and tragedy; Dave is waiting. Listen here.

From a whisper to a roar.

  Increasingly disillusioned with samples, Dave prefers hearing great musicians and singers planting a flag in the earth of a piece and making it their own. His music ranges from the beautiful and intimate, the achingly sad, the whimsical and the thunderously exciting; if not watched like a hawk he'll probably attempt to combine all four.

  Unsurprisingly, Dave's inspirations include John Williams, David Arnold, Michael Giacchino, Jessica Curry, John Debney, Danny Elfman, James Horner, Grant Kirkhope, Mozart, and Thomas Tallis.

  Dave also gets a bit giddy for Star Wars, owns more Lego than is strictly healthy, and enjoys writing in the 3rd person.

  *basically guitars and anything with frets