hangry bunnies from mars

studio 229, 2017

50s B-movie style orchestral horror score with theremin, electric guitar and acoustic gypsy jazz.

terra tech

payload studios, 2014-present

Acoustic frontier-western folk soundtrack.


national maritime museum, 2014

Sweeping orchestral score and foley for this interactive in the NMM's "AHOY!" gallery.

the other brothers

3D attack, 2013

Chiptune score and sound design to fit the pixel aesthetic.

heavy sword

monster robot studios, 2012

High-energy chiptune and rock soundtrack. Bitcrushed, messy and retro.

the rest

various, 2011-present

Unity, Loot Crate, Star Saver, Super Grav, Bang Bang Bang!, Fruit Shake, Ice Wings, Star Champion, Lifeless, Spark Rising, FitGoFun, Cubez, Sombra, Galaxy Cat, Blood Alloy, The Way We Roll, SZC: Beyond Dead, Bridge The Gap II, Down With The Ship, Energy Storm, Double Dots, Mazes & Monsters, Fractal Combat, Tap The Bomb, Monster Takedown, Power Heroes, The Audience, Cub Studio/Stewart Francis, TomSka, Hammer04.